dear sweet patient children - mom and dad will be done with craft show madness in a few days.
last weekend folks, come on by and say "hi"

next weekend it's lliam and piper's turn - they will both have goods for sale at city of craft 

a sweet photo my sister took - a few years back - geez they grow too fast.
happy weekend friends! xxa


  1. just look at those beautiful chubby cheeks. Your children are as beautiful as they are creative. I can't wait to see what they will be selling. xo

  2. Aw! But Piper still has that adorable expression, and look at that adoring brother! Your kids are super sweet, and I'm sure they'll have a blast seeing their creations sell :)

  3. Beautiful picture arounna! I will see you at City of Craft, as I will be volunteering! Have a great last week at the show!

  4. Saw you working away at your sewing machine last night around 8 o clock, and a few hours later, you and John were still at it- you're a wonder woman Arounna! The boy and I will be stopping by your booth tonight! ;)

  5. They do grow so quickly. Blink and they've flown the nest ... leaving a trail of debris and destruction behind them...


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