a few days ago I posted on instagram this altered version of j's little stools and I had to post it here.  j was asked to lower the stool so the client could use it as a meditation stool, it's really helpful when you have your legs crossed, less pressure on the legs.  when j first finished it piper was so smitten with it and it was light enough for her to carry it around and she would lay her dolls on it and kind of grew to love it.  when the client came to take it she was sad, asking questions like who was that man and why is he taking my stool. I explained that it was not hers and that it belonged to him.  well now j has to make another or maybe two, I want one too.

I'm looking forward to the weekend - on saturday we are having a sale of leather remnants $4/kg - which is a fantastic price - I will take some photos today and can post it tomorrow - the sale will take place at our b&m shop and it will be from 11-1pm and on sunday it's the junction flea at the great hall from 10 - 5pm

next week we will have the shop open in the evening for a group of folks from the koffler art centre to listen to a small talk about our business plus shopping.  I wish j would be in attendance, but he's going to see bob dylan that evening.


  1. It is a beautiful stool - I love the felt seat pad!
    Not surprised piper loves it - it's perfect for children.
    And j is so lucky!!
    Good luck with the presentation!

  2. wow they are cool! i think bob dylan is a pretty good excuse ;)

  3. Everytime i see that stool i think 'how perfect. I wish i could rest there for a moment'. I can imagine it bigger, i can imagine it smaller, it is such a classic.
    (Or four...)

  4. Wow! That stool looks so so so perfect.

    I am so in awe of your blog and your shop, it is my absolute dream to one day have a shop like this, even if it's just a side project.

    Beautiful blog :)


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