when I was teaching at OCAD they had these posters in the hallway that was a bit of an intro of all the teachers to the new students, I forgot about it and happy to come across it, I think this poster does sum up my body of work (lliam + piper probably the best thing I ever made :-).  I have had a pretty exhausting week, I constantly work hard to get caught up - I would love nothing more than to kick my heals up and watch a great film. it's hard to take that kind of break because I will just fall behind and it's a wonderful feeling to tick things off my list.  I am in full production mode the next few months for the OOAK show - I know this may sound insane, but I have to get at least 3000 tea towels done. they are all ripped and sewn, I just have to print.  the hard part is storing all this work before the show.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! see you back here monday 


  1. great poster
    and like
    my boys are the best thing
    I ever made

    enjoy the weekend
    and good luck
    with those tea-towels!

  2. that is so fantastic
    i would love a copy of that poster.
    Is that possible?

  3. My gosh ... 3000 ? That's insane ! ;-)
    Good luck for all the work. I hope you will actually take time to relax a bit after it's over.

  4. Beautiful images. And, oh my goodness, take care of yourself. I've got tendonosis from using a seam ripper on leather (the same motion as ripping fabric). I hope you're taking breaks often to save your arms. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I am for ever in awe of your work ethic. You are my hero :-)

  6. Valerie from KitchenerSeptember 21, 2012 12:06 pm

    Arouna, you are a constant source of inspiration and wonder! Last Christmas I received- with some prompting ; ) - a triangle tote in the new small size. It has been the perfect spring and summer bag. Will have fun this fall deciding on which of your incredible items to put on my wish list this year. Thank you also for blogging as often as you do, I relish every entry!

    1. hi valerie
      thanks for the kind words - it means a lot.
      glad you enjoyed the bag!

  7. I love the quote on your poster, I think students are lucky to have teachers such as you.

  8. Fantastic! It's lovely to see the visual summary, and challenge yourself to distill your pieces down to so few images. A good exercise to do yearly to observe the evolution of your work too.

  9. What a beautiful collage/overview of your work...LOVE the scarf/bandana in the first image, I always love looking at your work, so beautiful!


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