so lately I've been struggling with wanting a new camera and I discovered it's not a new camera I need but  a new lense, I was playing around with j's lenses from his analog nikon.  it's the depth of field that I wanted more control of and I feel that I will try a new lense first.  using these old lenses makes me miss shooting in film, I really do love the camera I use.  here's a few shots from around the shop.


  1. Hi Arounna!

    I'm not sure which lenses you have at the moment, but if you're looking for something basic with a lot of depth of field, then I'd recommend a 50 mm. You have the Nikon D300, right? I think that's what you told me at QWAC... The f/1.8 is fairly inexpensive at $159.99, otherwise the 1.4 jumps up to nearly $400. I have the Canon equivalent of the 1.8 and it's always a ton of fun to play around with if you're looking to get shots like the ones above... If that's what you're looking for! : )

    1. hi becca
      thanks for the recommendation - I think the 1.4 is a good choice - I have the D90 and love it. it's so easy to use, but I was lusting after the one you have :-)

  2. I'll second Rebecca's recommendation. I now use only my 50 mm and sometimes the telephoto. Love it. (I have the less expensive f/1.8)

  3. love these shots around the shop
    one of my lenses ( not the macro one) is busted since the east coast so I am going to be out shopping for one or two soon.


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