hello there,
I hope you had a fantastic weekend - fall is in the air and I am so excited, my favourite season!
I feel so much more organized this weekend and feel that I've got a real set schedule - I find it hard to have set days to do certain things, for me the days blend together.

I am so happy that we have the trivets back in stock, we also added a new design - these great felt coasters, the design mimics the trivets shape. please have a look at the shop - hope you like them too. super busy this week preparing for the craft show happening on the 15 & 16 taking place in one of my favourite parks in the city. if you're in the hood you have got to check it out!

have a great monday friends! xxa


  1. probably the only bookhou thing i don't have is a trivet:)
    or at least not yet

  2. I really love how these coasters & trivets look like ripples on water, it's so poetic


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