new snap wallets for sale today at 2pm EST. this will be the last batch for awhile - the rest I am hoarding for the upcoming craft shows. have a peek at them here
p.s. zipper totes are available for pre-order
p.s.s. yay or nay to bigger photos?


  1. I'm with Margie - the larger photographs show off the work that much better.

    By the way - Love, love, LOVE my snap wallet and bucket tote!!!! They make every day more special. I use the wallet both in a purse and in a pocket - holds all I need for a quick trip to the grocery. The bucket tote carries lunch and a magazine or book to work and makes the day's beginning more cheery.

    Thanks for your beautiful art!

    1. that's wonderful news kat!
      glad to hear they are well received
      glad you both like the larger images - I do too!

  2. The bigger size is great. Love that stack of beautiful wallets.

  3. Big photos are always fabulous, as are your wallets! I treasure mine x

  4. I'm sorry but I'm a Pinaddict so I HAVE to Pin your leather bracelet cos it's really lovely

  5. bigger is better, the more details the better it is -> LOVE your work and your blog, very inspiring

  6. lovely work! bigger of course



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