today was a day to check out a few places on my list, I visited mood and was a bit surprised at the prices they were asking, maybe the prices has gone up from the many visits of project runway. not too far from mood was kinokuniya bookstore - the kids loved all the kids stuff and lliam was happy to find ultraman books and videos. we had a little break at bryant park across the street and afterwards we headed south to meet up with an old school friend of j's who's been living in nyc for awhile now - we met up for drinks at la bottega's patio just below the maritime hotel. we went to check out eataly for dinner. but before I went to this crazy over crowded place I had take in all the beauty at marimekko. the one thing I noticed in nyc is that there are less patios - theres a joke that toronto has two seasons winter and patio. we are all a bit undecided on tomorrows plans, but tentatively we are planning to visit the MOMA. thanks everyone for making purchases upon the online shops return.


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