being summer - there is hoards of tourist in the main sites, we never seen so many people at the natural history museum, I asked a security guard why today was so busy and he said, it was kinda a slow day. we had lunch at a great dosa place on amsterdam called hampton chutney co. - also amazing iced chai - the kids loved it, afterwards we walked around central park and I reluctantly took the kids to victorian gardens - a small amusement park - we were there for three hours, we couldn't get them to LEAVE!! as we were walking out to have a bite they spotted a park that had sprinklers and we thought sure a little run to cool off - they were soaked to the bone, and we got them to lay in the sun to dry off. our stroller got slightly damaged from the flight and we thought we would try our best with it, today the tires broke off and we had to get a new one, we were close by to time square and thought we would go to the gigantic toysrus to get the stroller - I don't know what posessed us to think that visiting time square was a good idea - we met lovely police horses that didn't mind being petted. tomorrow is seeing the city from up high.


  1. kind of great that so many people are visiting the natural history museum

  2. what a wonderful trip Lliam and Piper are having!
    hope you and John are getting to see what you want too...

  3. Love the picture of Lliam and Piper in their hats - lil' P especially sports hers dashingly!

  4. Glad you're all having such a great time - the kids look so happy!

  5. they are both so totally adorable ! I love this first pic so much !
    I'm very happy you're having such a great time, even though busy & with unexecpted happenings

  6. Love Hampton Chutney co. Another great place for lunch is Café Habana, on Prince. You MUST try the grilled corn!

    And oh, if you walk by a Muji, you should go in. They have great, simple clothes at fantastic prices. I think you'll really like it.


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