zip tote triangle with long strap zip tote triangle with long strap2 zip tote lines:waxed
I normally enjoy doing custom requests for customers, but recently with how busy I am, I can't do it anymore, customs orders gives me a chance to try new things that I might not normally have on my radar, for instances the small triangle tote was a custom request as well as the popular triangle day bag - so these two recent bags were requests to make the triangle pattern in the zip tote with a detachable strap (which I love, I will try to have this available in the future, I really like how it feels on my shoulder) and also the lines pattern with the waxed canvas bottom - I will keep you posted on the availability of these two versions. I thank all of you who have recently emailed me regarding custom work and hopefully in the near future I can start it up again.


  1. the detachable strap looks great and I love the thickness of the leather. Hope your mom arrived safe and sound and that she is enjoying your air-conditioned comfort:)

  2. Love the zippers and straps. They are all gorgeous.

    Emma called me over to the computer the other day to look at Adam's terrariums on your FB page. Very nice.

  3. Love the detachable option! Now I wish I needed another bag...

  4. So funny that you posted this. I was just in the shop today, and I was telling my husband that I wish the larger bag had a cross-body strap. I'll definitely look out for availability.

    Beautiful shop by the way. It was my first time in. Not a first-time buyer, but I'd never been in the shop before.

  5. I love the detachable strap. i hope you make some more soon!


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