l'ouvrier4 l'ouvrier l'ouvrier2 l'ouvrier7 l'ouvrier3 l'ouvrier5 I had a great evening with j, just the two of us enjoying each other's company without the chaos of kids and work. what I like about l'ouvrier is that it's great food, without being overpriced, easy comfortable environment and it's across the street from the studio. they are run by a lovely young couple and they are part of the many great restaurants on our street, I will have to try and check out their brunches on the weekend.

look at the sweetie that missed her parents for the few hours we were out.

thank you for friends for your birthday wishes - my life couldn't be more perfect :-)


  1. Looks like a super nice place indeed :) So glad you had such a lovely time with J ! MUCH deserve. I know that although we adore our children, sometimes a little time without them is the right thing to do. For everyone's sanity. ;-)
    PS : you look soooo adorable on this photo.

  2. we should make a brunch date:)
    I looked at the menu there last night and was both lili and i were drooling
    but perhaps for different reasons:)

  3. Happy Birthday, Arounna. May you have a lovely year, filled with family and sweet inspiration.

  4. The place looks so charming! Glad you had a nice time with John, you deserve it!
    I went back to San Miguel and bought that same top you're wearing in the pic but in brown :-) I love it! I have so many lovely memories from your visit ♥

  5. I wish you all the best in this new year that starts! may all your dreams come true! :)

  6. I am very behind in my blog reading this week. Such a sweet photo of Piper. I can remember going places when my girls were young with my clothes wet from their tears. (I probably didn't go out enough.) Looks like a wonderful restaurant.


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