p and hat hello friends,

happy friday! - my posts have been short lately, it's been a bit of a mad house - but my folks are helping to bring some calm.
I was thinking about what to write and it dawned on me that my birthday will be in a matter of days and it got me reflecting and thinking what has grown, changed since my twenties. I would love to have the youth and vigour that I had in my twenties, but I don't miss the insecurity I felt.

my twenties feels so far away and distant, aside from feeling better about my insecurity or finding ways to cope with it, not much has changed, more growth than change - the thing about insecurity is that we have all felt it at some point and time in our lives, maybe more moments than we want.

I think that sometimes we can let our insecurities get the better of us
I always get comments that I work quickly, and that's how I avoid insecurity with my work - I will have an idea and I execute it right away so that I don't over think it. when I was in my twenties, I was insecure about my looks, the only person I want to impress loves me for who I am. I sometimes get insecure about being a mom, hoping that I'm doing all I can to prepare my children for their own journey. I said to j the one benefit to getting older is that in the end of the day, all the BS that you worry about or fret about doesn't really matter, because there are so much other things to focus your energy on.

have a great weekend friends! we are going to try to stay cool. see you monday, I am going to have a birthday giveaway on the blog and you don't want to miss it! xxa


  1. What a true and touching post, Arounna. I think you've summed up the essence of teenage & young adulthood ... insecurity. What a word full of heavy feelings.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend full of nice things !
    xoxo keep cool !

  2. our families have a really wonderful way of keeping us centred and focused on what is the most important things in life, love and human connection.

  3. hi arounna - don't know if you remember me. it's sandra—from hipclothing. i haven' t been out to shows in awhile but i do follow you on your blog regularly.

    you know how often people we wouldn't consider beautiful become beautiful as we get to know them? well, even though i don't know you that well, the first thing i noticed about you is your physical beauty. all that wasted insecurity in the past for nothing.and look at the beautiful children you and john made!

    have a wonderful birthday!

  4. I definitely understand insecurity and overthinking but they often lead to creative block for me which is why I have this Van Gogh quote by my worktable: "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." I wish I was more like you and did things more quickly.

    I believe that the people who think and worry about what kind of parents they are tend to be the good parents. It means you care about the job you're doing and the job can be a tough one. The 'right' thing is different from child to child and from day to day. Thankfully, the job is also wonderfully rewarding. :)

  5. You and yours are all full of beauty, methinks!

    Blessed and happy wishes to you for your birthday - aging holds its own challenges, however, I've found I wouldn't want that youthful "stuff" again.

    (Except, perhaps, the flexibility and less aches and pains that blesses youth.)

  6. Arounna, You are awesome and I enjoy your wisdom and writings from the heart.

  7. Spoken wisely. It's interesting to learn about how others cope with insecurities. Thanks for sharing that. Happy birthday!

  8. Those were thoughtful musings and rather timely as my birthday is also on Monday. Although I am quite a bit older, I feel very much the same way. My kids are both in their twenties now and I often think about whether I have done or am doing the right thing by them. The only regret I have about not being young is that often you don't know that you can't do something; and you can't be considered deluded...yet. My twenties feel far away too but more often than not, I feel 14 or 17.
    Maybe that is the insecurity part for me.

    Hope you have a contented birthday.

  9. thanks everyone! I appreciate your feedback xx

  10. I feel like I could have written most of this post. It's good to find ourselves in a time of life that is not riddled with insecurities, and to have the tools to deal with the obstinate ones that still pop up from time to time.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!


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