when you live in the city - you try your best to carve a little bit of nature in your space - we have a small backyard space and it's a perfect size for bbq's, eating, playing and loafing. j and I are not experienced gardeners and to our surprise all the plants we put in last season made it's return. the japanese maple sprouting the sweetest little red keys (last years birthday present from my in-laws), the vine that was taken from my in-laws garden sprouted like I couldn't believe, growing it's way up a long our the concrete wall the separates our neighbours and a new addition of a raspberry bush - the kids favourite fruit. this little oasis in the city gives us all so much joy - starting to plan a few little parties, one being my birthday coming up in a month.


  1. Mother Nature is an amazing creature. Enjoy.

  2. It's so lovely to have a garden. I also have a small city garden and I can't stop taking pictures! Have a nice day!

  3. It's something I try to achieve on my balcony. A few plants survived this winter and it's amazing to see how they've grown. I hope to purchase more and add a raspberry plant and (again) some strawberry plants as well. My mum grew one last year.

    Having this lovely garden must be inspiring!

  4. You couldn't believe how much I long to have such an oasis
    since I'm a fellow city inhabitant
    Your oasis is just the perfect place in the heart of the city !

  5. your little backyard oasis looks wonderful at this time of year. If there is anything you would like from my garden , please let me know. I have white violets spreading like wild fire.

  6. the Japanese Maple is gorgeous!
    do you remember the name of the vine?

    pick your own in the back yard is a great idea.

  7. very nice. we do have our first garden and try to make it green and plant some flowers and plants.
    you always have beautifyl pictures! i love your blog and your work!
    have a nice day.

  8. It's lovely to have growing things around you. My garden is a great source of joy to me and I have always involved ChloƩ and Emma in my excitement at its changes and its inhabitants (come see this! oh look!). The first hummingbird of the season flew through yesterday. :)

  9. I see garden-inspired bookhou prints in the future! so pretty!


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