the week is over - already? I can't believe we are in the first week of may - plenty of rain here, I love it when it rains - when the sky gets really dark during the day.

last night we went to see lliam sing in his school's spring concert - I took a video of him singing and doing hand gestures - soo cute. p was not exactly happy, she insisted on joining lliam on stage and when I told her that she would have a chance next year - she sulked all the way home.

I love this mural in the school - I love kids art so much, look at the bricks outside the school. I managed to get a photo of the two boys (they both hate getting their photo taken) .

I am waiting for a huge shipment of zippers - fingers crossed it will come soon. I am at a bit of a stand still with some of the bags, so the plan this weekend is to cut and print like a mad woman to stock pile it - so I can sew them up quickly when the zippers finally do come.

lately I am really happy with the decisions I've been making and just overall feel better and less stressed and worn out. I celebrated by booking us all a trip to nyc one of my favourite cities next to toronto, of course.

have a great weekend friends! xxa


  1. Schools are such happy places, I love the murals & chalked bricks too :)
    YAY for a trip to NYC & for feeling happy & satisfied with your choices, there is no better feeling. You deserve a break, you've been ever so busy this past year.
    Big hugs to you all. Have a super weekend oxoxo

  2. you will all have an amazing time in NYC

  3. I love all of the photos in this post. (I can see why Piper wanted to go onstage...she was dressed for it!)

    We are taking Emma and ChloƩ to NY for the first time in July. I can't wait to be there with them. I went the first time when I was about 21 and have been several times since. My heart beats faster there!

    So glad you are in a happy place with your decisions.

  4. happy weekend!
    beautiful pictures

  5. Such beautiful photos, especially the second- so cute!

  6. Lliam and Piper are growing up before our eyes! Wonderful, thoughtful posts this past week. I am so happy that you have come to a place where you can do more of your art work. I look forward to seeing what you produce.

  7. That wall is lovely indeed. I wish you a great time in nyc

  8. So glad you're feeling better!
    (My mom loved her purse by the way)


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