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nothing like waking up early in the morning to sound of loud power tools
the chaos of some interior work has started, the big one that I alluded to on fb will begin as soon as we get all our permits.
that reno is going to be amazing, basically my studio will be exetended to where our backyard is and that space will be above my extended studio and j's painting studio will be above the garage, we will have custom doors that will be built so the dining room, deck and j's studio can open up to one large open space. we decided that it would be better to make this building awesome than to move to a warehouse space, I love loft living - but having a storefront has been really great for our business that we didn't want to lose the street visibility and we love this neighbourhood.


  1. No way !!!! Wow, that's major reno !! It will be faaaabulous !
    I hope to visit again & see that with my own eyes !!

  2. How exciting!!! That's also my dream! Keep posting pictures of the updates please! love to see the process!

  3. It's going to be amazing!!!

  4. i am having a hard time visualizing it but i am certain it will be amazing. Will the garage and house now be connected physically?
    If you ever want to escape the renovation chaos remember my home is your home, anytime:)

    1. the main building will connect on the ground floor with my studio - the deck will be outside the dining room and john's studio will be above the garage - so there will be a gap on the second floor between the dining room and john's studio - the deck will be in place of the gap.
      yes - escaping to your house would be lovely - the kids LOVE the trampoline

  5. Wow, big changes. It's going to be amazing!


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