more drop cloth pouches coming on thursday at 6:30pm EST - I will remind you closer to the time. this new set is more colourful and they will be sold with two drop cloth badges. it was sure hard do part with these, I love them all so much. I will have a preview of them tomorrow - will give you the link via fb.


  1. Dear Arounna!

    I love your dropclutches and would love to buy one of them.
    Unfortunately I'm not sure of the time compared to our time in Denmark ..... hmmmm
    Do You have any idea?

    Can't wait to se them;)

    Have a beautiful day

    1. hi kristine
      I could be wrong, but I think you are 6 hours ahead of us
      so if I do the sale at 6:30pm it will be 12:30am for you

      enjoy your day xx

  2. what gorgeous sets, my friend, they are all so awesome !

  3. they each have their own character, all so great. nuts, i suspect i will miss out on these again as i'll be at work when they go on sale.


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