I don't feel like I'm getting older each year, but when your children are growing up so quickly you start to feel a bit old, at least I do. I really don't know how six years has gone by so fast, I remember when I first had lliam I got a lot of remarks from friends who had older children to enjoy it while you can because it will go by so quickly, and I kinda brushed it off, but they were right. I sometimes get a little ache in my heart when I see younger pictures of both kids, I get flashbacks of moments and memories. I know it's early to wish him a birthday greeting,
happy birthday sweet lliam, I hope you have a fantastic birthday
love, from all of us who loves you so much!


  1. what a wonderful, talented, handsome boy
    happy birthday liam!!!

  2. what a sweetie he is!!!
    Happy Birthday, Mr. 6 yrs. old :)

  3. You & John make such beautiful babies :-) Hope Lliam has a wonderful birthday this weekend! Please tell him the bird lady sends him a great big hug!

  4. Yes yes, I know it too: enjoy it while it lasts, they grow up (and we old) sóóó quickly!
    And I must say, I REALLY know what they meant .... because I soon will enjoy a little one again: our third grándchild !!!!

  5. Such cute, sweet, toesies!
    Hope Liam is well and has a wonderful birthday!

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy!

  7. Happy birthday, beautiful, smart and fun Liam !
    Big hugs, and to mama, papa & P too ! xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday to Lliam. He's grown into a big six-year-old boy but still has those same beautiful eyes. Oh, those photos of you and John embracing your baby boy brought tears to my eyes. Guess I just connect with what you're feeling. Yes, they do grow fast.

  9. beautiful photos,beautiful memories! I think you can only slow time so much, but it's worth trying. x


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