hello there
how was your weekend?
ours are always full - sometimes so full, you would think it would be bursting at the seams. the city of craft show was a complete success, my remnants and seconds sold out within an hour and the sale items and regular items did very well, at the end of the day my table was pretty sparse, all thanks to you wonderful people that come by and continue to support us. lliam and piper had there own share of success and at the end of the day they were just beaming from happiness that people kept praising their work.

yesterday christina came by and we took photos of her modelling the bags, I love how they all turned out, she was such a fantastic model. in keeping with the clean simplicity of our work, I feel the photos reflex that too. having the bags with a person is good for giving you a sense of proportion and scale, it's so hard to tell how big or small something is until you see it next to someone.

I will be spending today and tomorrow at harbourfront centre being part of the selection committee for new artist in residences in the textile studio.
have a great day - a note to warm sunshine, please come for a visit :), xxa


  1. YAY for such a (deserved) success ! Woohoo ! (and wishing I could have come !)
    I totally agree with the idea of a model & scale. I wish I had a model too, for my scarves. Your model is so lovely :)
    Have a great week ahead ! xoxo

  2. i know brrrr, it was even showing up here yesterday morning.
    Loved my purchases on saturday.

  3. I love the pictures! Everything looks great!!



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