this week has been a good one, filled with such energy and buzzing. we are little bees in a hive over here. j has had such a great week too - the article in the globe and mail got him a lot of work. last night my mom and I did natural dyeing, she was telling me stories of doing dyeing with her mom when she was younger and how their vats would be bigger and she kinda chuckled at my indigo vat in a mason jar. with the warmer weather coming, I'm sure there will be more dyeing. we have a lot of routines here, even if we don't realize it, but one of them is we tell each other and the kids that we love them before bed and if I don't get to tuck them in they both will run downstairs and kiss me goodnight and say they love me. it's the happiest moment of my day. I can't imagine a life without little ones - they are so precious at this age.

last set of photos from the trip to bcpv

spring is truly in the air and there will be time set aside to loaf in the park with the kids and breathe in all the fresh spring air. have a beautiful weekend friends! xxa


  1. those bedtime kisses and hugs are precious

  2. I loved reading about your little night routine. How beautiful. Even though we are just a family of 2 (sadly, no little ones for us) we still take the time to tell each other how much we love and appreciate each other and like you, it's the happiest moment of my day.

    Congratulations to John and the article in the Globe. Well-deserved success!

  3. This is a beautiful, heartwarming post.

  4. children are our reason to live & hope for a better world
    I'm so glad you have such sweet evening routine !


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