on the weekend we went up north for half the day to celebrate j's mom's eightieth birthday. I think it's wonderful to look as good as she does and be eighty. she is the real meaning that it's just a number. I am a few years away from forty and to think of what I have lived these past four decades and to think what another forty will bring is quite exciting.

j and I have conversations about all kinds of things, that's what you do when it's your best friend, and one of the things we talk about is the concept of "perspective". you know the whole thing about looking at the bigger picture, and in the past we would talk about it and I think in mind I thought I understood it and now I feel I have. it's about enjoying life, about not really sweating the small stuff and to not let little things get to you, because in the end, it works out in some way, maybe not the way you want or think, but it does. I think that it's only human to get caught up in our emotions and in our own insecurities about things, but we only have one life to live and it took me awhile to understand it and what I want for myself is to live a full and happy life and that things have to come in stride and that if I keep it all in perspective, it's going to be good. life really does travel too quickly and if you concentrate on the negative energy it's going to make you not see all that is really good. there's such a big world out there, bigger than our own world, it's a matter of choice and I choose to enjoy life, it really is a good place to be.

happy spring!


  1. so true
    your words

    and the images
    just gorgeous
    I would love to become eighty
    one day
    looking back on a full and happy life
    with orchids around me

    Patrice A.

  2. Exactly, we have one life to live
    and we must always make the most of it, and make the right choices.
    I'm glad we share the same vision of the world.
    Take care ! xoxoxo

  3. j's beautiful mom doesn't look a day over 60!
    They have such a beautiful home.

  4. thanks so much Arounna. Beautiful pictures and just the advice I needed this morning.

  5. i am so happy to start my day with you each morning...your energy & positive outlook is contagious...so thank you...and good morning :)

  6. Amazing post and insight (as usual!). I love the beautiful little corners of a well-loved home.

  7. Just the post I needed to read. I'm finishing of a few stressful months by moving in a week an a half. With everything happening around me, it's been difficult to find peace and focus on the positives instead of agonizing over every little detail. Thanks for the reminder to try to keep things in perspective.

  8. Oh Arounna, I couldn't agree with you more. Focusing on blessings instead of shortcomings is the best way to have a beautiful life. And not surprisingly, once you start putting energy and nourishing the positive aspects of life, good fortune and love abounds. I certainly have experienced that in my "imperfect" perfect life. What a joy to be so inclined!

  9. What a wonderful post Arounna! Every now and then it's nice to be reminded of that. Thank you :)


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