it's late and I am still making - that is the best part of textiles, you can do things quickly - with the ceramic work it can't be done the night before. during the move-in to set-up the show, you have to line up before you can get into the building. we went to a different waiting location this year and it had the most wonderful view of toronto's cityscape. when you visit the ooak show you see it all finished and beautiful, we are all given a white draped area and make it our personal little space during the show.

j is a huge help, not only did he build the entire booth, he also helps with the assembly, it's also great that he's tall. I will post more photos of the space, I normally don't show you prep photos because it's too hectic, but thought you might like to see the process. the bookhou sign was drawn by j on the chalkboard wall, I painted the one wall that the ceramics was being displayed so that they popped more, the other walls are all white. all the furniture that displays the work is all wood, part of the reason we did that was when we first did the show all the furniture was painted white and every-time we reused it we had to repaint, also the wood and the black and white shows off the work nicely and if you ever visited the brick and mortar shop it looks like a mini version of that. I think the look and feel of our booth keeps with our brand.


  1. can't wait to see your set up. It is always beautiful and truly always bookhou through and through.

  2. Your post made me think about the gift shows I used to do (Toronto, Montreal) and the NY Stationery Show with my card line. I remember the lineups, the setup--so much physical work attached to it. I would love to see a photo of your booth once it's all together. I'm sure it will be beautiful. Have a great show.

  3. I wish I could go visit you at the show with Margie! Love the bookhou sign that J made, you guys are such a beautiful team! Can't wait to see you next week!!! :-)

  4. Personally, I loooove to see the "behind the scene" photos
    specially for an event I can not attend (booh)
    Geninne is right, you & J make the most awesome team ever !

  5. looks great arounna - i always feel a little weird when the spring show is on, like i should be down there with you all. but i can get over that pretty quickly. can't wait to come down and shop on the weekend.


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