hello friday
are you already here? it's seems like you came way too soon.

this weekend is major crunch time, it's getting a lot of orders out and getting as much things made, as humanly possible, I have a wonderful team (mom and j) where would I be without them, I think it's easy to forget that we make everything, even to stamping our name on the cotton ribbon that is sewn in the bags. it's easy to think we are bigger than we really are, and it's so nice to be appreciated. I had a customer in yesterday who bought a bag and I explained all the different parts the three of us did for this one product, she sensed all the love and care. that's the great thing about buying from a small business, you also buy all that love. you might have noticed that a lot of the bags are missing from the shop or you see it as sold out. well we had to do that in order to have some for the spring craft show which is happening soon. I am also going to be closing the etsy shop for a few weeks and will be putting vacation notification on shopbookhou - I have never done that before, but I think it's essential, I will be busy at the show and a few days after the show I will be spending a week visiting a wonderful friend.

at the craft show there will be some new ceramics for sale, I will also put some aside for those of you who can't make it. there is so many designs and when I manage to shoot a few more I will give you a peek. I love how this group turned out. I will try to the listings up before I leave for my trip.

we are having the most fantastic weather - I hope you have spectacular weekend! xxa


  1. Your ceramics are so beautiful and delicate ...
    Good weekend to you !

  2. you are right on so many points
    when people buy from a small business, they buy all the love & care
    that's a bit a pity that there aren't that many small business around here
    almost exclusively mass made & store lines :(
    the show AND the trip are coming so soon, it's so very exciting for you !!
    I wish I could have come, needless to say.
    take care of you oxox

  3. i am definitely going to be buying some of those fantastic tumblers/vases when i see you

  4. I'm counting the days! I can't tell you how excited I am :-) We're going to have so much fun!

  5. Your ceramics are so gorgeous, just not sure I'll trust the post with them. I received your drop cloth pouch the other day - I love it thanks so much!! I've even blogged about it and what I'm using it for. Cheers Sally

    1. we super duper pack them and everything we send has insurance - so far no breakages (fingers crossed)
      glad you love the drop cloth pouch!

  6. Hope you have a fantastic weekend too (hopefully not all work!)


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