hello everyone,
thanks so much for your kind words here, on fb and emails letting me know how you enjoy the blog, I enjoy it too, I was only thinking about it, in terms of streamlining my internet presence, but you all seem to enjoy it in different forms, so for now I will keep the multiple ones up and will decide later on.

I have been wanting to add some simple totes to the shop and they are finally done - made in the leaves and rain design, a useful tote for everyday, my mother and I had many discussions on how the handles should be and she was adamant about making sure they were strong, the handles also have four layers of fabric, so the are sturdy. we also included a small interior pocket so you wouldn't have to rummage in your bag for your keys, wallet etc. I love them! - my mom is already putting some aside for family and friends upon her return to france. I will be spending my weekend working on the ceramics and will hopefully get them fired next week and I will also be working on the plates. for my next ceramic collection I am going in a different direction and I will not be doing this decal ceramic work for a little bit, so if you have ever been interested or was thinking about wanting one, here's your chance.

also next week is the start of spring break, geez time flies, okay what to do with the kids - definitely a visit to the museum and grandparents, maybe pioneer village - havn't been for decades.

thank you friends for your support, for visiting - I appreciate it, see you back here monday, have a beautiful weekend! xxa


  1. first time in over 24 years that march break has no significance in my family. It feels strange.
    Enjoy the beautiful weather, the wonder outings , black creek pioneer village is one of my favorites and if you are heading north don't forget to drop by.

  2. Those totes are beautiful! I bet you'll start getting more orders from France once your mother is home and others start seeing them. :)

    Have a great spring break. Ours is almost over.

  3. I have to concur...your blog is one of my daily inspirations and I look forward to each post - it's on my blogroll, too! Love your work and I'm glad to see you'll be hanging around on old Blogger a little longer.

    BTW, I have Tumblr also and to make things easier, I copy and past the url of my photograph(s) in my blogger post to Tumblr with a click through link back to my original blogger post. I also have Tumblr linked to Twitter. Seems to kill three birds with one stone.

  4. The totes are beautiful! Love the new leaves design on the top! You and your mom make a talented duo!! H.

  5. One other good reason to not give up your blog and focus entirely on fb is that you have no control over what fb does. They could start charging fees for businesses to have pages, or change their format in a way that you can't stand, etc. With your own blog, or a tumblr or such, you have way more control over how it looks and feels and it is more of your own I think.

  6. Thanks for keeping the blog, I read it on flipboard and would miss it.

  7. Thanks for keeping your blog. I don't visit FB very often so it's nice to check your blog and be inspired.

  8. Thank you for keeping your blog. I have it bookmarked and check it almost every day. Facebook is just too much info for me. Thank you for all your inspiration.


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