sometimes you need to do something mindless, like make pins to take your mind off all the work you really should be doing. I have these mental lists that flow in my head all day, like - okay do this pile before dinner, print this pile before bathing the kids, cut this fabric before packaging orders, sew these handles before bed. I feel like these little mini goals helps me get through the day and to accomplish all that needs to get done. before the end of the week, I will have new bags to show you - plus I will be listing a few more ceramic pieces, I will be doing another big batch in a month, so there will be more.

where did the time go? - this year marks 10 years j and I have been running bookhou - wow. in a few short months lliam will be six, where did the time go? thoughts about life sometimes gets forgotten in your daily routine, life doesn't need to be complicated, it's quite simple actually - it's also really short.
give someone a big squeeze and remind them what's really important.


  1. so love the first image (of course the boy as well)...

  2. b, c and lili are coming over for dinner tonight so I will do just that
    and here is a virtual squeeze for a very important person in my life,

  3. Time definitely has a way of flying by. And I can relate to the mental lists! My life was like that until just recently and now I'm dying to have those busy days again - seems it's something of a lifestyle. :) Enjoy it all.

  4. I admire how organized you are. And you are right, time goes fast, especially as you watch your kids grow.

  5. Lliam is such a beautiful boy and sweet too. I really enjoyed spending time with them last summer. I love your buttons, thank you so much for all the lovely ones you've sent with my orders over the years :-)

  6. My brain doesn't work as good as yours, my goodness is there a moment when it's unplugged ?!
    I agree (who wouldn't, anyway), our children grow so fast
    (P will be 10, U will be 8 this year, I'll need to slap myself I think)
    it's vital to enjoy them as much as possible
    P & L were totally adorable when I visit, I wish I could meet you all guys again
    here or there

    1. I so wish my brain would unplug or slow dow for a bit, I find it so hard that the kids are growing up so fast, but each stage is quite wonderful. I hope we can see each other again


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