our studio is the kind of environment that has things going on, and it is a fun place to spend your day, sometimes it's really busy and sometimes there's a calm buzz, and there is never a shortage of ideas. j and I enjoy our tea breaks together where we chat about our ideas and our goals and what to do next. It's wonderful to have a partner that you admire and one that you can share your goals, ideas and dreams with. I know that whatever happens on our journey, as long as he's there to share it with me, I know I will always be in a good place.

the photos above are my samples for new silk scarves with the drop cloth image prints, the scarves will be square in shape and I am contemplating doing a hand sewn roll hem, hmmm....it will be more work, but it will look so much better.

j and I have spent time in the wee hours of the morning cutting stickers, will show you on instagram tomorrow - lliam made drawings and we scanned them and j helped him choose colours to fill in the images and we printed them on sticker sheets, for valentines day we like to help lliam with handmade goods for his classmates, last year he made the most wonderful pins. after our cutting lliam will help with packaging them in glassine envelopes and put the names of his classmates on them, yeah this is what you get when your parents our makers.


  1. you guys constantly amaze and inspire me - i'd love to spend a day in your studio - well i can dream can't i? :)

  2. i wish i was in liam's class
    happy love day a,j,l and p

  3. You are very lucky to have that collaboration. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

  4. I am very fortunate to have such a partnership with my beloved husband. It really gives one the feeling that nothing is insurmountable, doesn't it?

  5. you sounds like you guys have a very well-rounded, supportive partnership. wonderful. those scarves look like they are going to be so good.


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