• so, I've been getting a lot of request for the small bag in the triangle print, so it's now available in the shop!
  • other image is one of my pieces that is part of my cloud series I did awhile back, notice the crazy hand stitching, oh how I would love to sit hours doing that - the tinier the better. I will be working on more soon, can't wait.
  • been using my new light table (to shoot my silk screens) - it has a vacuum and it's pretty darn amazing, and I waited 10 years to get one, well the price was a huge hindrance, but hey, the screens are such a big part of the work, they deserve a little love.
  • realizing that adding an extra hour of sleep helps with my productivity.
  • a long cold brisk walk with your family after dinner does wonders
  • staying focus on the wonders you are capable of creating is so much healthier, than focusing on the failure
  • so happy to be done with hours of html coding, my brain is still suffering after effects...but the end result is a beautiful online shop, I can't wait to unveil soon eep!
have a creative weekend friends! xxa


  1. I love the white and black of this post (your art, your bag, your thoughts). Hugs.

  2. Those tiny stitches are amazing! Glad to hear you are taking some time to enjoy your family, and your bed! Hope this weekend is full of creative wonders.

  3. I just adore the cloud art piece! Love the contrast of the black and white, the amazing details...everything is lovely! I also love what you said about focusing on your accomplishments rather than failures or what didn't appear to work. In fact, I sometimes think that what first appears as "failures" could turn out to be happy accidents. :)

    Can't wait to see the new site!

  4. So pretty, I'm really into smaller bags right now. I'll have to go look at what you've added. Happy weekend!


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