lately we are all dominated by the internet for just about everything, but a long time ago before blogging or the web, j and I would look at books and draw in our sketchbooks - that was how we would figure out our ideas or compile resource materials to be viewed later. one of my favourite things to do is to look through old sketchbooks, I found this little book j made over 10 years ago, it was an inspiration book for his paintings, the photos are aerial views of crops and landscapes, I am in the midst of finalizing my images for the silk scarves and realize these images have the same quality. amazing how things reoccur or resurface.

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  1. What a wealth of inspiration! Aerial views of the land, especially agricultural, are the best part of flying. I enjoy Nigel Peake's sketches...

  2. What an interesting little book. You both have double what some of us have...your own inspirations plus each other's all intertwining and forming new ideas all of the time.

  3. i love seeing all those rivers , twisting and turning, carving the land as they flow


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