I've been working on new prints - will show you some new tea towel designs tomorrow, I have such a huge database of prints, these ones are examples of ones I did, they were used in my older work and are always fun to revisit - I have enough work in my sketchbooks to keep me busy for 2-3 decades. I was inspired by a post heather wrote on her blog about pink and one of my new tea towels has some pink sprinkled on it. if you follow me on instagram or fb you would of seen a peek.


  1. love the new tea towel sneak peek

  2. Love all of them! The carnations (I think) and shadows are delightful.

  3. I love love love those prints !!
    Like all your work...

  4. great to see a peek into old ideas, your aesthetic is so strong, even though some of those images are different to current work I would still have guessed they work the work of arounna ! xxx


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