I got a beautiful calendar in the mail yesterday from carta, inc - this is such a wonderful way to follow time. I love all the things angela makes....I wish I saw her booth at the nyigf in person. if you're in brookline, MA you must pay her a visit at her lovely shop.
thanks angela, such a beautiful gesture.


  1. oh, yes, what a clever way to display a calendar
    and the packaging is beautiful !

  2. i have been in brookline
    next time i will have to check out her shop for sure

  3. Oh its actually a measuringtape made into a calender. So cute - what an amazing idea. Will check her out.

  4. oh and i just saw i have you saved as one of my favorites in etsy :) now i have to save your blog too

  5. What a unique and beautiful calendar!

  6. Thank you everyone! come to visit my studio any time. I might still have some Calendarbooks laying on my desk......
    Arounna, your photos make everything look so great!


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