you know you're really tired when you see little stars and drink coffee when you're not a coffee drinker. I'm more of a tea drinker, but had to drink a few cups of coffee to get rid of the haziness in my head. I stayed up real late to finish my decal printing and applying them on the ceramics. I have to get them fired before early next week when the do design event starts - there will be a handful of shops that will have an opening reception on saturday jan. 28th from 3-8pm - I hope you can make it - last year's event - filled the shop to the rim with people - it was insane! this year it's going to be more low key - we decided to keep the store in tact and just do a display in the window, last year we had cleared out the shop and it was not a good move for us - lots of visitors who come to the IDS show came to visit us and had no bookhou shop to peruse. I'm off now to get rest since I'm writing this post early in the morning.
some random things this week
  • recently piper won't nap, if she doesn't nap she is grumpy , but if she does nap she won't go to bed till 11pm - I use to put this little girl in her crib and walked away, she never cried for me and when I returned she would be fast asleep.
  • I called my mom telling her how busy I am and how her sewing skills would be so helpful to me...the next day she called to tell me she booked a ticket to toronto...moms are the best.
  • lliam goes to bed now while reading in bed.... super sweet!
  • I have the best husband, because when I get swamped he puts his projects aside to help me even though that puts him behind schedule.
  • I really should get audio books, any suggestions?
  • I hope this weekend I have enough time to finish my new bags - tweaking the large triangle tote bag.
I hope you have a lovely weekend - have lots of fun for me - I am also doing a giveaway over on my fb page - part of my weekly instagram giveaways.
bye for now xxa


  1. Our 2.5yo is the same as Piper at the moment... transitioning is so hard :o)

  2. oh girl girl girl ... you are super extra mega busy !
    ah, the nap dilemna ... I knew that too.
    I hope you'll both settle into a new rhythm too.
    How sweet of Lliam, and how super very sweet of John.
    And yeah, moms are the best, too. :)

  3. Your blog and life story make me always smile:) As my experience with my two daughters (2 and 10 months and 4, similar ages like yours), piper may nap less than normal hours, wouldn't she go to bed more easily? how can I participate to your giveaway? Happy weekend!

    1. hi minji
      if you have a facebook account just follow the link and hit the "like" button.
      I hope you enter.


  4. do not worry, everything will be OK ........ anyway I do not live without coffee

  5. I remember when my girls stopped napping. The biggest change was for me as I lost those lovely little blocks of time during the day. You have a very supportive family Arounna. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

  6. mom's are the best
    i always found the two's to be a breeze
    it was the three's that were sometimes a challenge
    you should listen to the outlander series on audio books

    1. thank margie
      I will check out the outlander series

  7. The Harry Potter audio books are the absolute best. Actor Jim Dale does all the character voices and they are so much fun to listen to!

  8. Absolutely love the ceramics Arounna! I can't wait until you put some of these in the shop.
    Good luck with lil P and her non napping phase, it seems they settle into a pattern for a while and you get used to that and then it changes and disrupts the rhythm of things again....tricky to manage at times.

  9. Arounna, what method do you use for making the ceramics?
    What kind of paper? I need a little advise in this :)
    Just about to do some cups by myself, but can't understand which method is the best
    thank you very much in advise

  10. the hunger games series is a great one to listen to!

  11. Hi Arounna,

    Love your blog and my little boy wears your moose bib (got it at the one of a kind) almost every day.
    "My Family and Other Animals" by Gerald Durell is fantastic on audio book--my husband and I listened to it when I was pregnant and it is good for lots of laughs and takes you to the warm Greek Ises...great for a winter pick me up!



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