working late at night is when we both get the most done...no distractions from little ones.
I re listed the triangle tote bag - now with a waxed canvas bottom and I made the black portion around an inch taller, so you see more of the black (my camera is so good under low lighting, the bag photo was taking when the sun was going down, really) no photoshop tweaking.


  1. distraction from little (or not so little anymore) ones ... I know what you mean ! You both are hard working folks !
    the bag is so pretty & roomy ! Oh btw, I got my little bag & pouch yesterday, I posted pics on Instagram. Thank you ! :)
    I'll email you back today, too. Take care, hugs

  2. amazing photographs, especially the one of john working his magic

  3. That's a cool photo of John working.

    I have ongoing problems with my photos and low light. Maybe the way our windows are here too.

  4. One day after we get our home. We will get one of Johns beautiful pieces. I love the photos and the bag is awsome!

  5. I love the design tweaks to the bag! Do you plan on making the smaller tote with a waxed canvas bottom as well?

  6. Lovely photos! I also struggle with low-light conditions. It would be so wonderful to skip the photoshop step!


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