thank you friends, for all your wonderful comments and the positive response - I was a bit nervous when asked to take part - thinking - what would people think of my home.....but glad that it went well. some pics from behind the scenes. I hope your weeks going well. my intern christina is coming in for two more days and her time will be up - she is the lovely model that I use in my pics - I hope she will be up for a few more shots.


  1. i am having fun imagining what john is thinking with that big camera pointed at him.
    Your home is a place of inspiration, comfort and good vibes. You had absolutely nothing to worry about.

  2. this is so John
    an amazing project, so glad you were brave and did it

  3. It was a wonderful article (as I've already said on FB). Your home is beautiful in an artistic way yet looks entirely livable as well. Very inspiring.

    I like this photo. I guess it was a break in the photo shoot but it looks like John is cooking up his next creation.

  4. I loved every page! It really captures the warmth and talent of the Booth-Khounnoraj family :-)

  5. Yeah, it came out so well, Arounna! I've always been curious about the rest of your space so it was wonderful to take a peek inside. Wow, amazing and so inspiring!

  6. your house is so beautiful and inspiring! I really do not understand your worries :)
    thanks for sharing!


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