p birthday highlights - love the wrapping lliam did on the presents, thanks to my sis and dad for making the cake, yum.


  1. What a fantastic cake. Piper looks so beautiful. I think the 3rd birthday is one of the very best.

    (P.S. I am looking for a photo of Chloé at three. Our photo files are a little disorganized. I will send you one for sure.)

  2. I love Lliam's wrapping job too!!!
    And that cake is too fun!!
    lucky piper!
    happy belated birthday sweet little girl!

  3. awww everything was perfect !
    well done, everyone ! xoxo

  4. sooo sweet!!! Happy birthday from sunny bavaria! Therés

  5. Piper looks so sophisticated on her birthday and the cake looks brilliant - adorable photos! Happy birthday Piper :)


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