hello friends,
a lot of you are still on long weekend break, and I've been hard at work on getting new items in the etsy shop - by next week I will also have new tea towel designs. I am currently experimenting with doing my own waxed canvas, it's a bit more labour intensive and the only reason I am experimenting is because the waxed canvas I am using cannot be screen printed on. the material is water repellant. I have done a lot of wax work during my art school days, both casting and also waxing fabric to give my sculptures more structure, I also like the translucent quality it would give the forms. I never thought those days would return with design products. it will be awhile till I show you printed canvas that is coated with wax, trying to come up with the right formula. this new bag has a lovely durability and touch ability - I love this bag!
p.s. your orders won't be shipped till tuesday, the post office is closed today - I will be spending my day riveting and ironing.
I'm so excited for this new year! happy monday xxa


  1. i will be waiting for the larger version of this bag
    stay warm the temperatures are plummeting tonight

  2. Does the wax rub/melt off on things? That would be my only worry about this bag. It looks so pretty though.

  3. hi carolyn
    no - not at all - it weathers just leather and the surface is smooth and not waxy at all. this waxed canvas is made in the U.S. by a family since the 1800's.

    let me know if you have more questions.


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