hello friends!
I hope you had a lovely weekend - ours was jammed packed with visitors, chatting, eating, and greeting new friends. I feel like a vacation is in order - or maybe a long soak in the tub. as you can imagine life doesn't slow down here. we are getting ready for the spring craft show and I am trying to build stock for online - speaking of online - I will have some news soon about something I'm working on - can't share yet- it's still in the early stages. the heart sets are back! I hope you like them. I know it's a bit heart overload, but hey it's that time of the year. today I will be happy to quietly work in the studio in my pj's. I did so much talking in the shop over the weekend, my throat is a bit sore.
thank you to all that came by - it was wonderful to have your support! xxa


  1. a long relaxing bath and a day staying in your pj's sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

  2. I heart your hearts !! Never too much love in the world !!

  3. Ooh, can't wait to hear what the big plans are. Glad that the weekend was a success.

    Hope you find a little bit of time to relax–you deserve it!

  4. I think this trip is coming at a perfect time for you. I also know that you need to go for a massage on a regular basis. In the future be expecting spa gift cards instead of shoes. Lol!


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