while I'm in vancouver I am staying with my friend judi, who's studio is in a shipping container - read about it here on apartment therapy. Thanks to all the lovely folks who visited me at the show.


  1. no way
    wow, totally amazing !!

  2. Neat studio! Looks like it has an amazing view too.

    Hope you're having lots of fun!

  3. The view! It's such a cool little studio :)

  4. It looks so huge inside once all the stuff is in! I could do with one of these. x x x

  5. Who'd have thought... A storage container as a studio. Brilliant!
    Must say,I love this blog site... it's the first one I look for when checking Google Reader. Sandy

  6. Hello! Thanks for posting photos of the studio! So nice meeting you on Wednesday. Hope you are enjoying your stay in Vancouver. It must have been pretty windy and crazy yesterday at the place you are staying.
    Have a good rest of the weekend!


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