my dad is back in canada for a visit - he'll be staying till after the holidays. I had a fun time hanging out with him and chatting about work, life etc - what's great about my dad is that he's so into what I do and is really supportive. I was printing and he was cutting - yeah I know he's pretty awesome. he thinks it's great that I have my work shipped to so many different countries and he was reading the etsy comments and said I have the nicest customers - yes - I do. it was nice to share with him my daily routine - he did mention my studio is a bit hectic and doesn't know how I stay on top of all the things that need to be done. upon my return from vancouver my mom will be visiting from france - she will be down to help me with the upcoming craft show - I have a great support system - I am truly a lucky girl.
left bookhou, middle virginia johnson, right amanda mccavour
john and I snuck out for a few hours to go to the auction for the chair - when we left the event the chair was close to fetching $1000 - it's such a nice feeling to know that we were a part of this charity event - going to a great cause. if you're ever in toronto - the textile museum is a must visit, besides our shop of course.
there was interesting interpretations - especially the one where the chair was grind down to pulp and made into paper
amanda's scribbles displayed in the front bar of the hotel where the auction was held.
I enjoyed hanging out with amanda - lovely lady.
enjoy your weekend friends - the posts next week will be a bit light - unless I can figure how to post on my ipad. I will check in on FB.
many thanks to all of you for your amazing support


  1. i love seeing your dad cutting--that is so special! and of course, i think your chair is the best interpretation of all, and i am keen to check out amanda's scribbles.

  2. Have a great show in Vancouver.

    It's great that your family is so willing to jump in and help. Love the big blackboard too.

    It was interesting to see the incredibly different chair interpretations.

    And I loved the way you signed this post.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to the amazing world of Amanda McCavour.

  4. It's great having your dad there and even that he likes helping! I loved Amanda's work, I am amazed at what people can do.I thought I had seen it all!But this is amazing!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. You do have amazing support, how wonderful to have your dad visiting and wonderful about the chair too! I love the picture of your dad, he looks like a regular fixture in your studio. Enjoy Vancouver.

    PS, I know Typepad has an app for the iPhone that I sometimes post with, perhaps Blogger has one for the iPad.

  6. LOVE that photos of your dad helping you out in the studio! :) Have a great trip to Vancouver! You'll be missed around here!

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos from the show. Amanda's scribbles are beautiful! So ethereal and fragile looking. Reminds me of jellyfish.
    I look forward to your posts when you return! I'm sure you will have much to share.

  8. This wall with see-through green jelly fisch ....!

  9. what a great post
    amanda is a darling
    and I adore her work too

  10. Arounna, love the photos in this post. Great to see all the chair photos. I'm not surprised that yours was fetching a high price. And glad you had such a nice visit with your dad.

    Hope your trip to Vancouver is a great one.

  11. that picture of your dad cutting is really sweet. it makes me miss my dad (he passed away 2 years ago). you truly have a superb support system, A ;)


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