hi everyone
I hope you had a lovely weekend - it was mild here - yeah the weather's playing tricks again - today it rained and rained and rained. I felt like I was back in vancouver. john and I have been playing tag team with booth sitting at the craft show - I usually go to the show around 5pm to give him a break and during the days and late evenings I am happily making more work - I figure I can sleep when it's over next week. one of the exciting things about post show is that I clean up the studio and think about the next step and what to do next. I love looking at older bookhou work - these flap wallets were made 5 years ago when I used more colour base cloths. part of the reason I switched to neutral base cloths is that it's easier to replace. mills are constantly in flux and you will find you love a certain fabric and it will be discontinued. what I think about these wallets - coloured basecloths are lovely and some of these patterns should make a return. more on what I do next soon. thanks to those of you who came to the show and for stopping by and saying "hi" and letting me know you read the blog.
have a great monday! xxa


  1. i guess you could always dye your own basecloth:) for more consistant fabric supplies. I tucked a few little bookhou things in the st nicholas treats I am sending away today.

  2. they were totally lovely indeed !
    yay for revisiting all things past
    that's the proper of creation (in a certain extend)
    really wished I could (have) come to the show
    it must be so good (and so exhausting for you, too !)
    oxox big hugs


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