here's a picture of some of the lovely items I left vancouver with - the lovely bud vase was a gift from heather - it's was great chatting with her and seeing her again (thanks again heather) - the little hip pouch kept my mints and change on hand a gift from my old landlord back in the day who is also a maker (thanks irek) nautilos bags are well made and functional canvas bags. the handmade little broomlet and dust pan a gift for john from the broom company on granville island. the hand turned pen a trade from my neighbour manfred and the sketchbook from paper ya. do you notice a peak at some new designs I'm working on. my new wholesale catalogue comes out in january so I am preparing for that. my sweet little piper is a bit under the weather and I caught her taking a much needed rest.


  1. Guess which photo I like the best? Is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping child...such sweet tranquillity.

    I hope Piper feels better soon. There are lots of viruses going around. Emma was home sick most of last week and she is rarely sick.

    The new patterns are really lovely. You are always up to something new!

  2. pebbles or eggs
    whatever they are i love them

  3. Poor Piper, I hope she gets better real soon. And I LOVE the peek at your new designs!

  4. i would have thought you might be sleeping beside her

    live the broom and dust pan

  5. poor little angel, I hope she'll be on the mend soon
    you came home with a bunch of lovely things :)
    big hugs to you all

  6. Lovely treasures you brought back!
    Please tell Piper I say hello, hope she's feeling better ♥


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