yesterday I was straightening out my studio and realized I had a bit of a pile - enough for a sale - so I posted it on my FB and announced a really last minute sale. I know it was really last minute, but I promise I will have more sales and really appreciate everyone's support. I am almost at the point where I feel I am running a bit thin, but luckily I had a good weekend of interviews with prospective employees for the studio assistant and intern positions. I am narrowing it down and I think I have found some help...whew! trying to keep me afloat till I find someone is my brother and his partner (thanks guys!) - a picture of adam helping me with all my letterpress orders - they are all done! yeah. so for the longest time I have been making storage boxes and I think they are the best things, so useful and practical - but I have always made them with 5 sides (not fun to cut or put together, especially when you make hundreds of them) so on the back burner was the idea that they would be redesigned and made with less pieces - so here you have it newly revised and so much faster to make - I also like how the print goes around to the bottom. usually my bottoms were unprinted (to save on time) - I have also eliminated the small round storage - I am trying to cut down on the many items I make - in the hopes that it will increase my production time. I am starting with these two prints and will be adding more, one with a green print and the other a red and grey print. I made them to be very similar in dimensions as the older designs. I am getting smarter about designing products that are not time consuming. I'll let you know when I have them for sale online. john and I have also been working on our apartment upstairs, painting and straightening up - for an upcoming photo shoot, which I will have to tell you about at a later date.
on another note - piper said something to me the other day that I found a bit distressing she came up to me and said "mummy I want yellow hair" - I said "whaa?", at first I was confused and than I realized what she was referring to, I am all for gender neutral things and have never pushed the whole princess thing on her - I try to dress her in different colours not just pink etc. you know what I mean - I'm not against it. I thought it was just a phase, but pretty much everyday she keeps mentioning the yellow hair and I keep telling her she's beautiful with dark hair and I don't think I was convincing. not sure what to do. I told her for halloween she can wear a wig, but I don't feel convinced about that decision either. geez parenting.


  1. i love how you got the triangles to match up just perfectly on the bottom. Extra project runway points from me!!!!
    Funny my blond as children , children wanted to have black hair and at least one of them red at one time. Maybe she actually means yellow though and not blond.
    Maybe let her experiment with some temporary jello hair colors on dolly

  2. Hmmm...the hair thing.
    My Miss J has BEAUTIFUL Afro hair...and I have STRAIGHT blonde hair...for the past 2 years she has struggled with her BIG hair everyday...even though she must get 10 or more comments from strangers with regards to her beautiful hair.
    Last week...I was helping out in their class and the topic was "what I like about me"...she stood up and said "I like my hair"...I wanted to go and give her a BIG hug...but held back and just smiled.
    I'm sure the positive reinforcement has helped over these past couple of years...Kids ALWAYS want what they don't have...
    She'll LOVE the wig!
    hugs and am SO excited to receive my purchases from Bookhou!!!

  3. love the new design: i always wondered why you didn't do it with less pieces.

    Yea, for finding help!!

    Parenting: not easy what they make you think sometimes.
    All you can do is stick to your views and tell her and show her over and over.

  4. Piper is too funny :) give her a big kiss for me. Love the new fabric storage boxes! I use all of mine every day, they're super practical and beautiful to look at.

  5. I love these two prints--on anything!

    What is it with things made by you? They enter our house and all of a sudden they don't belong to me anymore. :) You know what happened to the pouches I won(Emma and ChloƩ now own them). Today Emma saw the calendar with your watercolour images and said, 'What is that? I want it!' I'm holding on to it for now but feel it's just a matter of time before it disappears into one of their rooms. :)

  6. kathleen
    it's so nice to hear our work is appreciated in your household.

  7. Oh I remember feeling the same when I was little. My sister had blond hair but my hair was always brown. In the eighties you were only beautiful if you were blond!I don't remember anyone ever comforting me about it or saying I was beautiful as I was. I really think you telling Piper she is glorious exactly how she is, is the best thing you can do. And you know what? It didn't take long for me to love dark hair and now I wouldn't lighten it for anything!


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