so earlier in the week we had a photo shoot - it was a lot of fun and I learned so much from watching the photographer and the stylist - it's always nice to have a fresh new outlook on your space. I thought it was interesting how the photographer took some photos blocking the light coming in from the window and using a longer exposure. I will show you more behind the scenes shots when the issue comes out - I had a peek at the photos on the computer - all I can say is that they looked pretty amazing - you will have to wait till the new year to see it - sorry wish I could tell you more - my camera felt so tiny next to hers.
I hope everyone's enjoying the crispy air of autumn.


  1. looks like a great set up and even the photographer looks quite stylish.
    I know what you mean when the professional photographer came to my house I thought to myself when I grow up I want to have a camera like that:)

  2. almost forgot
    piper looks amazing in and on red!

  3. Who's that beautiful model in red? :)

  4. Look at Piper in her beautiful red dress! You can tell her that her matching mittens are ready and being mailed out today...


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