it's friday and the end of the week - it's my nephew's b-day party today and we're all eager to enjoy some family time. yesterday piper got a special present in the mail from nicole. she immediately put on the mitts and said "I love them" such sweets words coming out of her little mouth. I really adore the personalized label nicole put inside. I had to photograph piper wearing them. I also photographed her in one of nicole's child hats with the great little bit of extra knitting on the edge to cover their ears. the lovely red cape is from kessa of patouche
next week will be interesting and exciting - will fill you in monday - what I can tell you is that next week I will have four lovely ladies helping me. I will also have a new bag to show you made from a beautiful sailcloth fabric.
I hope your weekend is full of creativity. have a good one! xxa


  1. oh my
    makes me want to squeeze P
    Nicole is such a kind, generous & sweet spirit
    eveything looks amazing on P

  2. So nice, thank you for this "rayon de soleil"!

  3. I'm so happy that she loves them! the hat also looks very good on her!

  4. i totally expected to see liam in a wolf costume.
    Those are the most adorable red piper mittens.
    (piper needs her own line of accessories :)

  5. Little red riding hood! :)

    That girl was meant to wear red! Nicole's mittens with the personalized labels are very beautiful.

    You always have so much going on. I am always amazed by how much one of your blog paragraphs contains!

  6. She is so beautiful! I am afraid you will have your hands full keeping the boys away when she is older. Lucky she has a big brother to keep an eye on her :)

  7. Piper is unbearably cute!!!!!
    Nicole is SO, SO good. LOVE the hat and mittens!

  8. I love piper's outfit! red mittens to match her red cape! amazing!


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