hi everyone
I hope you had a nice weekend - here in toronto the chilly weather hit me quite hard - I was walking around shivering all day - the heat is on now and our place is warm again. I am in crazy work mode and loving it. things are slowly getting crossed off the list - I made some new products and will photograph them tomorrow if the sun is out. these shorter and dark days makes photo taking hard. I was doing some counting of the letterpress notecard collaboration I did with jill wignall and realized there is only 9 left. so if you havn't gotten a set yet - be sure to grab one, because once they are sold - that's it!
I came across these photos of lliam when he was a wee fella and my heart just melted - these days he stands at my armpits and is so tall at 5 years old - I guess that's what happens when your dad is over 6 feet tall - they say it goes by fast and it sure does....where's the pause or slow button.
enjoy your day friends! xxa


  1. I sure would love to share a bit of our heat with a bit of your chilly temps ! If only !
    Don't tell me about kids growing so fast ... P (9) has the same shoe size as me now (ok I have very small feet, but still, he's only 9 !)
    Have a great week !

  2. if you find that button please share it with me
    all my babies grew up so fast.

  3. What a cutie. Love the hat. Yes, to the pause button just to savour a moment every now and then.

    Chilly here too. Brrrr!

  4. Jill's prints are fantastic! I so much enjoy them over my bed!

  5. if you find that pause button let me know! my oldest is six...when i look back at pictures from just a year ago, i want to cry...he is turning into a big kid without me even realizing it.

  6. i love that shot of the rainy street. and i hear you about the shorter days for photographing - definitely something that becomes much more tricky these days.


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