welcome back!
I hope you had a great weekend - I like to celebrate the idea of a weekend - even though as a self-employed person I don't really have a weekend - all the days blur together. I am busy preparing for the montreal show and boy is it down to the wire - when am I not down to the wire? I have a few more wholesale orders to get out and unfortunately the rest will have to wait till I get back - while I was dyeing the scarves for the show - I threw in this nice organic cotton canvas and got the most dreamy effect. I manage to get three bags out of the fabric - they are a small tote size with skinny straps - there might only be two for sale since I have my eye on this one. I think I will make more - it's such a good size and hey who doesn't like a basic tote bag. a few weeks ago john got a commission to make a bird house - he has never really made one and of course he decided to take the long road by turning and hand carving the shape, the result - a very unique bird house.
thank you for your comments on the BAH issue 04 - I am already working on the next issue. I am hoping to include more diy projects, since it seems that what you like to see. the random winner of the weck jars is it's imported (congratulations rendell!) please send me an email.
thanks for visiting - enjoy your day! xxa


  1. I want to change into a bird !!....

  2. Beautiful coloured bag!
    Well, that's not a bird house .... that's a VILLA !

  3. that bird house is spectacular john
    and I can see why you might like to keep that dreamy bag arounna
    happy monday

  4. this is such a wonderful bird house; almost church-like.
    did the buyer give dimensions for the opening for a specific bird??

  5. What a beautiful bird house!

    Enjoy your day , too,

  6. That's a beautiful birdhouse. I love the branch perch instead of the simple dowel you usually see.

  7. which Montreal show are you going to be at? is it the Puces Pop this upcoming weekend? i would love to visit bookhou in person!


    p.s. love the new dreamy totes...

  8. That is the most beautiful bird house John! wow!
    Gorgeous tote Arounna. Your incursions in dyeing are always inspiring.
    I got my fabric basket, bucket tote & extra goodies (yay!) just in time for my birthday!!! Thank you for everything my sweet friend, I love it all so much! Lotsa love xoxox

  9. Arounna,
    You and John continue to amaze me with your talents...I love how the dye worked on the tote and John's birdhouse is awesome.
    I also have to tell you how incredibly excited I am to have won the giveaway, thank you! I will definitely enjoy using the Weck jars.

  10. Very dreamy bag. And that birdhouse is astounding! I adore the little branch perch.

    Good luck getting everything ready for Montreal!

  11. love love love the birdhouse! it's fantastic! very bookhou :)

  12. The bird house is incredible!!! I think now that you have posted about this you will most likely get lots more requests.

  13. I love the tote! I'm taking a Resist Dying course at NSCAD right now & I'm very excited to get to the natural dyeing.

  14. the bird house is beautiful... if I were a bird, I would take an option on the house ! x

  15. There are so many bird houses, but this one is beautiful. I love it.


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