I wish we visited the cottage more often
I wish I slept more
I wish I had more time to make myself clothes
I wish there was 30 hours in a day
I wish I wasn't always working
I wish my kids wouldn't grow up so fast


  1. I wish all of us who admire your work and appreciate your words could each spend an hour helping you out - so you could do all the things you wish for.

    I too wish kids wouldn't group up so fast...but I feel a bit powerless on that one.


  2. Well, 4 out of the 6 wishes depend on your being willing to make them come true... :)
    (not so easy, I know, but it's possible)

  3. Oh Arounna, consider yourself hugged ... I know how you feel.

  4. Oh she is so beautiful!

  5. I hear ya!

    Look at sweet lil P. Not so little anymore!

  6. They do grow up so fast. Take time for yourself and your family. Enjoy the moments. :)

  7. they are so sweet!
    I wish summer would stand still.

  8. Litte P is SOOOO adorable. I can relate with all your wishes.

  9. what a beautiful little babe :)
    time is such a tricky vixen, i was just writing about how frustrating time can be last night before bed. it isn't even so much that i wish there were more time (which i definitely have and probably will do), but how to make it feel like i am not losing time, or even how to work better with time so i can enjoy it more!
    i hope you get to do more of all these things!


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