I often get requests from lovely customers to alter certain elements on my bags - most are doable like changing lengths of straps and extra pockets, etc.
I often get requests to make the popular triangle tote bag in different sizes. I recently got a request for a smaller scale version and the proportions just seemed to work , so - I decided I would add this sweet little bag to the shop. it's similar to the triangle tote in every way just a wee smaller. as you can see lil' p was pretty taken by the new size as it is a scale she could carry.


  1. in French we have a saying that says (!!) that everything small is beautiful. This smaller version is just perfect. Not everyone wants a big big tote, and not everyone is tall neither. Perfect. (once again)

  2. she's perfect to model for you, but can you just imagine in a few years?

  3. That pic of little P is just beautiful! Love the new size!

  4. kind of looks like she is the bag.
    love it


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