hello friends,
welcome back - it's been a whirlwind weekend - why does time fly by so fast? today I will be gone all day with the kids at an amusement park (I keeping saying to myself - it's for the kids) luckily I will have quite an entourage of kids and adults with me - shall be fun - john will be in the studio holding down the fort.
I have a new bag (well modified from this bucket tote bag I did years ago)
I spent a week using this bag and I love it! (not sure if you knew that, but I use a prototype bag first before selling them) - it helps me to work out the design and proportions. I also made this bag because I keep getting asked to do larger storage containers - I made this one earlier in the year, but I felt like it was only meant for storage, I like the idea that this new one can also be used as an everyday tote. visit here to see more images - I hope you like it!
thank you so much for all your wonderful comments - it sounded like everyone had a nice weekend - I appreciate your visits - the winner of the bag and pencil case is owlandpussycat - congrats! please email me your shipping address!
enjoy your day friends - I will need to take extra gravol today to survive the rides! xxa


  1. Arounna, you're so brilliant at product shots! (My favourite so far has to be the tea towel by the water on the cover of your mag)

  2. You've created another amazing bag. I'm loving the green window print (after just receiving my green sprout printed bag- thank!) and wondering just how I can put this one to use...so many ways.


  3. this turned out very well!
    i'm sure it will be a huge hit.
    great little handles: makes it look efficient

    have fun at the park

  4. The green printed bag looks amazing. And I really like your skirt--did you me it too.?

  5. OMG...another amazing Bookhou bag! I want them all! but my fingers aren't quick enough!!!

  6. I am going to officially become a "bag lady" if you keep making these fabulous bags. Hope you have fun at the amusement park. Rendell

  7. absolutely fantastic! i love it!
    smiles+sunshine to you

  8. I love the new design!

    Hope you had fun today and didn't need the gravol in the end!


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