hello friends
I will be spending the day sewing and getting ready for tomorrow's show - come by for a visit if you're in the neighbourhood - there will be plenty of lovely vendors, I will have new items as well as some great deals like alphabet seconds and other little deals. have a wonderful weekend. some things are going so well this week and I am hopeful that the fall will be an exciting time for our little company.
I am leaving you with an image of some new little pouches photographed on my favourite wood surface - next week I will have a great back to school giveaway on the blog so come back for a visit.
have a great weekend! xxa


  1. hello, My name is Sol, I'm from Argentina. I wanted to tell you that your work is beautiful and always visit your blog. I am a ceramist, I send my blog if you want you can visit. Greetings from Argentina!

  2. good luck for the show, my friend !
    wishing I could visit ...
    the pouches are so terrific !!
    the naturally dyed one has stolen my heart ! ♡

  3. rebekah adores her natural dyed purse so much
    heading north in a bit
    for some much needed r & r

  4. i'm sure that blue one won't last long.

    *(snaps drive me to distraction; but i have a plan)

    will see you sometime tomorrow although i think we're due for a tea


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