hello friends
I hope you had a good week - I feel these days that time is going by too fast - the kids are growing up so quickly and the sun is setting faster. last september john finished our outdoor space - there's still some tweaking that needs to be done, but one of the first things we got at the beginning of this summer was a barbecue - john is enjoying it very much - he whipped us up some pizza the other night and we sat in my studio and gobbled it up. the kids and I are very lucky that we get to reap the benefits of johns love for cooking. the other image is a bowl that I threw many years ago - bowls were one of my favourite things to make - I like the intimacy that ceramics has with our daily rituals. and the last photo is a little peek at our next studio visit - looking forward to sharing b.a.h. issue 04 - it's going to have a new look and format - thanks to the help of jen.
thanks so much for all your kind and encouraging words on my last post - my dad follows my blog and he will be happy to know I am surrounded by the kindest and loveliest people!
enjoy your weekend friends - summer is fleeting by. xxa


  1. oh yes, you have a great guy in John, and a super chef/cook too ! :D
    I can NOT wait for the issue 4 !
    and yes, time is flying by, I attest !

  2. Yum! John is so generous & sweet. Piper and Liam are very lucky to have such wonderful, creative and loving parents.
    Can't wait to see B.A.H. issue 4!
    P.S. I LOVE your ceramic bowl.

  3. funny we made pizzas on the bbq the other night as well with my sister, her daughters and the cousins.

  4. Your bowl is so pretty. I took a pottery class a few years ago and loved it. I should sign up again! Doesn't it feel like one lifetime is not enough to do all the things you want to do??

    Cannot wait for B.A.H.4!

    Have a sweet weekend. I'll be busy knitting for you-know-who (coming soon!)

  5. Oh, home made pizza is the best!
    Your bowl is very beautiful.


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