I am addicted to the yummy stroopwafels and thought I would put a call out on my FB to anyone in the netherlands that could send me some and gitte came to the rescue - I am trying to savour them - they are by far the best I ever had. thanks again gitte for the stroopwafels and the keychain with the lovely lavender smell.


  1. that are the best cookies in the whole world! I also stock them when visiting my family in the Netherlands.

  2. I love those too! There's a Dutch store here in Guelph that has them, so yummy! I like to put them over a cup of tea for a few minutes to soften them a bit, and they are even better!


  3. hi gillian
    that's what gitte told me to do too.
    they are so highly addictive.

  4. the dutch store in bradford sells them too
    I guess i will have to stoop by and get you some:)

  5. Hi Arounna,
    Funny to read that there are Dutch stores over in Canada. Enjoy the wafels! Gitte

  6. Yum, all this talk of the tasty Dutch things -- I might need to go and get some stroopwaffles for myself:) And not share with anyone :P


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