currently in the studio - well right now I am working on products for the fall/winter - I am adding two new prints as well as new bag designs. I will show them to you next week. I am already working on the fall issue of b.a.h. magazine (didn't I just do one?) time flies. I am also working on getting my ceramic work finished. as well I am in the midst of making work for a one day street craft fair taking place august 13th - I will be sharing my tent with margie. more info here if you are interested in participating. lliam went to the cottage on friday with his grandparents and won't be back till tomorrow. we miss him so much and tried not to call him too much since after our phone calls he gets homesick. here are a few interesting photos he took.


  1. he is a wonderful photographer

  2. I'm thinking of blowing up the first one and putting in the living room.

  3. So creative! He clearly has a great career ahead of him!

  4. yes, I can see in these two photographs a very natural sense of taking photos. Such emotion in the blur. Love it.


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